Liquid Whole Eggs, by Vital Farms, 16 oz


Vital Farms Pasture-Raised, Liquid Whole Eggs, Ready to Pour, 16 oz Carton, Pasteurized

Net Carbs per serving label: 0g
Net Carbs per 100g: 0g


  • READY-TO-POUR: Pasture-raised goodness without the shells! We collect fresh eggs from our hens and crack them for you. You pour with speed and precision, making baked goods, scrambles, and omelets with ease.
  • VERSATILE: Our liquid whole eggs can be used as a convenient alternative to shell eggs- perfect for scrambles, quiches, or baked goods. Just shake, pour and enjoy. 3 tablespoons of our liquid whole eggs are equivalent to 1 full egg.
  • PASTURE-RAISED: Each of our hens enjoys a minimum of 108 square feet roaming room in fresh, open pastures.
  • MADE WITH FRESH AIR & SUNSHINE: Every Vital Farms egg comes from hens who are free to forage for local grasses, succulents, and wildflowers.
  • TASTE THE DIFFERENCE: Whether fried, poached, scrambled, or baked into a sweet treat – we bet you can taste the difference.
  • FROM SMALL FAMILY FARMS: We began as a single-family farm. Today, we partner with approximately 200 family farms who give our hens the outdoor lifestyle they deserve.
  • OUTDOOR ACCESS, YEAR-ROUND: Pasture-raised eggs are laid by hens that spend their days outdoors roaming the pastures as they please.
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