Just Bare® Natural Fresh Chicken Breast Fillets 1.0 LB


Just Bare® Natural Fresh Chicken Breast Fillets | No Antibiotics Ever | Boneless | Skinless | 1.0 LB

Net Carbs per serving label: 0g
Net Carbs per 100g: 0g


  • ALL NATURAL: Our fresh, hand-trimmed chicken breast fillets are minimally processed to ensure quality and sustainability. Quick and ready to cook right out of the package for a healthy family dinner. One of our most popular cuts of chicken, these fillets offer versatility, great taste, and are sure to be a go-to favorite for a variety of recipes.
  • NO ADDED HORMONES | NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER | FED A VEGETABLE & GRAIN DIET: Our chickens are raised without antibiotics, fed a vegetable & grain diet, and gluten free with no added hormones or artificial ingredients—ever.
  • 3RD PARTY HUMANE CERTIFIED: Our chickens are raised on family farms and the verified with the humane treatment of farm animals by the third party American Humane Certified Program.
  • SUSTAINABLE FOCUS: The chicken breast fillets are delivered on fixed-weight trays made of 100% recyclable plastic.
  • DELIVERED FRESH: The raw, fresh chicken is packaged in Amazon’s sustainable, temperature-conscious packaging and delivered to your door with care. Number of breast fillets varies (1-3).”
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