Keto Meals ready to eat by Factor


We use the freshest, highest quality ingredients available, and our in-house culinary team is constantly working to optimize the nutritional value of every single meal. Meals arrive fresh and are fully prepared- simply heat in the microwave or oven and enjoy!

Net Carbs per serving label: 8g
Net Carbs per 100g: 10g


Factor takes the stress out of healthy living. We provide fresh, ready-prepared meals that support even the busiest of lifestyles! We shop, prep, cook, and deliver to your door for you so you can experience the benefits of clean eating without the hassle. When you are fit, you look great, feel amazing and have the energy and focus you need. As an added bonus, our team of dietitians is always available for extra accountability to help you crush your goals with our nutrition coaching programs!

Meals can be heated in the oven or microwave! Please consult the packaging for meal-specific heating instructions. You can also click on the image of the meal on our menu page, scroll down and click on ‘show Heating Instructions.’ If you are heating in the oven, we recommend placing the meal container on a sheet pan so it is easy to get out once hot!

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